Trim Staining & Painting

Trim Staining                                                                                                     Staining requires a knowledgeable hand. Whether matching a custom stain for blending to an existing surface or starting from scratch, our skilled team knows how to appropriately handle your job.

Empire Painting provides gel staining for high traffic surfaces such as staircases and cabinetry. Traditional wipe stains are perfect for baseboards, casings, and doors. Staining often requires more labor time than painting.

Trim Painting                                                                                                                 For routine trim painting, we recommend an acrylic enamel-based paint for completion such as Sherwin Williams ProClassic. Oil-based paint is typically isolated for use in historic homes in areas such as Wauwatosa and the East Side for consistency and preservation. If your property was constructed prior to 1978, we will handle removal and disposal of your lead paint chips according to environmental standards. Empire is state certified to handle lead paint. 

Local Workshop                                                                                                     Builders and homeowners alike can bring door slabs, baseboard, crown, and other woodwork for off-site finishing. Pick-up and deliveries may also be arranged. If interested in this service, please call our office for more information. 

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